1. what is Finaclusion?

Finaclusion is a digital inclusion platform that automates group savings, group lending and cooperatives. we do not deal with end users rather we work with groups interested in providing informal financial services to their members.

2. As a provider, how much will i be charged for using this platform and how many members can i start with before i can use this app?

For the first month no charges are made while from subsequent months you will be charged N10,000 monthly. You can start with as many members you have but the maximum number is 100

3. How safe is Finaclusion?

Finaclusion is secured using highly encrypted technologies. Also our cash transfers are handled by banks and payments processors we work with who in turn provide highly secured environments for transactions.

4. Does Finaclusion have an office I can visit?

Yea, our physical office is located at 4, Noble street, Omole Layout, opposite NNPC, Ogunnusi road, Ikeja, Lagos.

5. As a user, how secured is my money and how trustworthy are the cooperatives ?

We strongly advise that users work with cooperatives or providers who are known to them. Finaclusion is a technology platform provider and not a financial institution. However we have listed verified providers who have met some requirements.

6. Do you mean I can have a credit card by joining a cooperative here and how is it used?

Yes you would be given a credit card that contains an amount of money for every month which you can borrow and pay back later. It is in form of  a loan.

7. Must I belong to a cooperative group before i can get a loan?

yes, Finaclusion is run by providers who operate various groups, hence they decide their terms of operation with members using their services.

8. Can I join more than one cooperative on this platform?

Yes you can

9. How many times can I withdraw in a month?

it depends on the terms and agreement of provider you are working with.

10. Do you have a mobile app?

Yes we do

11. Do I have an interest when I save with any of the cooperatives?

It depends on your agreement with your cooperative administrator who runs as a Finaclusion provider.

12. How must interest do I have to pay on loans?

It depends on terms and agreement of the provider you are working with.

13. Further Questions?

Email us at info@finaclusion.com or

Contact us at +234 809 944 7105

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