Growth is A Process : Starting up series I

Growth is A Process…

I’m here to share with you a few of my thoughts on the process of growth for a startup.

✨I strongly believe the saying that startups are defined by growth, and have also come to understand that growth isn’t the first step in building a successful company.

I am of the opinion that as startups, we should focus on trying to make a product or provide a service that people love before we focus on growth as that is the way to succeed at building a startup.

✨Building a startup I must say, is hard work and takes a very long process and of course as entrepreneurs whether you own your company or you’re working with one, getting people to use your product or prefer your service over another at its earliest stage, will help you understand what your users/customers want.

Recently, at #Finaclusion, we had our first MVP(minimum viable product) re-launch and we’re at the stage of working with few real users, taking out time to talk to them and listen in order to solve their specific problems efficiently, we are committed to giving quality customer support and this I tell you have improved our primary metric. And this also helps us iterate and build a better product that people want/love.

✨Here, highlighted below are a few points to help you maximize the process of starting up:

♦ At this earliest stage, don’t focus too much on growth rather focus on building a product or offering a service people want/love.

♦ Take out quality time to talk to and engage your customers so that way you’re aware of the problems they have and quickly give them all the customer care you can give while working at solving their problem(s).

♦ Be consistent and iterate quickly to better improve the user experience of your product/service.

♦ Be Customer-centered and give your customers good reasons to trust you( this is key and priceless). Maintain integrity.

♦ Keep at all these and it will be much easier to grow. Always remember growth is a process.

until I come your way again, #nevergiveup, keep hope alive #lifeofanentreprenuer with an entrepreneurial mindset.

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