Automate your Esusu, Ajo and Cooperative Savings

Automate your lending services

Automate group savings

We make Esusu, Cooperative, Ajo, Saving and lending as easy as few clicks.

Our platform connect groups/communities to brick-and-mortar banks, growing your funds without stress.

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Monitor and manage Financial Cooperatives; Esusu, Ajo on the go.

Monitor and manage contributions, savings or loans accounts as group member or administrator on the go by USSD or mobile app.

Access cash from Esusu/Ajo through any ATM or bank.

Withdraw cash from any ATM or transfer money from Esusu/Ajo account to any bank through our USSD/Mobile app.

Relax while your money grows.

We take away the stress of running financial cooperatives while your members grow their money.

Our services

Monitor savings, loans and contributions with just a click of the phone

USSD Banking

Manage your cooperative with ease using our USSD code where your customers can check their accounts, request for loans and do more online and offline

Mobile Banking

Manage your customer's account by running it like a bank where they can check their accounts online, receive SMS alert and account report

Debit/Credit card

Make you customers easily have access to funds using debit/credit card


Pay faster and without stress into any customer's cooperative account using our mobile App

Automated your group savings, group lending and cooperative in just few clicks

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Pricing plans and options

Simple, flexible, and predictable pricing. Choose which package is best suited for you.

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Thrift Collector
Membership: 100
Staff Strength: 2
No. of branches: 1
Savings Management Module: Yes
Loan Management Module: No
Balance Sheet Reporting
Extra members/branches/staff: N100 per extra
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Membership: 500
Staff Strength: 5
No. of branches: 3
Savings Management Module: Yes
Loan Management Module: Yes
Balance Sheet Reporting: Yes
Extra members/branches/staff: N200 per extra
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